The Botanical Gardens of Rio de Janeiro are located in the Jardim Botânico district of the South Zone, or Zona Sul in Portuguese, of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The magnificent gardens, founded in 1808 by John VI of Portugal, lie at the foot of Corcovado mountain below the Christ the Redeemer statue. The Gardens, designated in 1992 as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, exhibit the diversity of fauna, featuring gardens comprised of Brazilian and international flora.

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Gardens contain approximately 6,500 species, including precious endangered species, located throughout the 54 hectares that make Rio’s Jardim Botânico. Also located on the grounds are multiple greenhouses providing excellent botanical conditions. In the Garden you will also see monuments with historical, artistic and archaeological importance. Jardim Botânico is home to a large and significant Brazilian research center with a 32,000 volume library of botany-related books, the most complete specialty collection in the nation.