Copacabana is the hub for the main attractions of the city

Copacabana in Rio indicates not only the beach but the neighborhood surrounding the beach. Hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist shops are located in this area. Navigating the streets in the Copacabana neighborhood is quite easy as they are fairly well laid out.


Hotels in Copacabana

Copacabana has today more than fifty percent of all hotels that the city offers. It has several options, from lodging in hostels until large hotel chains like JW Marriott,SofitelCopacabana PalacePestanaRio Othon and other hotel chains. Besides owning other notable strengths such as ease of transport with three subway stations, many taxis, several bus lines, good location in relation to the main attractions of the city, and fast access to financial district.



Pestana Rio Atlantica       Copacabana Palace (Annex Build)       Sofitel Rio de Janeiro  

Copacabana Palace (Main Build)   Rio Othon Palace   JW Marriott Rio

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Where to eat 

“Copa” is a district well served by food establishments, there is all sorts of options for all tastes. The kiosks located in the promenade beachfront, which are passing through revitalization. These new kiosks are modern and comfortable, and offer options such as champagne bars, fast foods, among many other options, almost all of them serving mandatory items such as coconut, Caipirinhas and beer. Across the street there are some good options as Don Camillo, specialized in Italian and Mediterranean food; and Copa Café Contemporary food.

In hotels shine some of the best international restaurants in the city as the French Le Pre Catelan in Sofitel, the Japanese Taiyou Sushi & Sake Bar on JW Marriott and Italian Cipriani’s at Copacabana Palace. On Avenida Nossa Senhora de Copacabana, there is a great variety of more affordable restaurants, juice house`s and fast food chains, supermarkets, drugstores and etc.

Walking Tour

The neighborhood of Copacabana is made for walking, as there are no hills to climb. In addition all the points of interest are quite close together. Across the street from the beach, Avenida Atlântica has many of the hotels, bars, restaurants and night clubs in the area. The blocks in the neighborhood are geometrically well divided; the district is enclaved between sea and mountains so it’s easy to know where you are.

Major Attractions in the Area

Go-Go-Copa is a section of the Copacabana neighborhood where some of the more popular nightclubs and bars are located. The best shopping can be found on Rua Santa Clara and Avenida Copacabana. Some of the interesting attractions in the area are the Forte de Copacabana, Fishermen’s Corner and Copacabana beach.

With a good map, navigating the streets of the Copacabana neighborhood can be quite easy. Most of the action is on the beach and across the street but if you want to get away from the touristic establishments go a few streets over to the bars, restaurants and clubs the locals frequent.