Rio de Janeiro has as a diversity of dance classes offered throughout the town

Rio de Janeiro is known for the largest celebration of the Carnival in the world. Inherent in this celebration is the Samba. Other dances intrinsic to the Carioca culture are Forró, Brazilian Funk Music and Axé. Dance classes are offered throughout Rio to help visitors better know the local culture.

Rio Carnival passista during the parade in Brazil

Learning the Samba

The best way to learn the Samba is by visiting one of the many Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. Each Samba school in the city spends the whole year preparing for the Samba Parade competition held during the Carnival. They devise a theme, build their floats and costumes, write their own theme music and choreograph their own dances. In the months preceding the summer the Samba Schools such as Mangueira and Salgueiro make great open rehearsals during the weekends. Each school works out of a large rehearsal hall. Visitors are welcome to attend these rehearsals and join in the madness of the Samba. Instruction is quite informal and a lot of fun. Simply find a partner who is willing to show you the steps and dance the night away.

The most famous dance schools in Rio

Jaime Aroxa and Casa de Danca – Carlinhos de Jesus are the most famous dance schools in Rio. Of course there are many others good dance schools too, but these two are top of line.  At Jaime Aroxa you can learn the Brazilian Rhythms; samba de gafieira, samba no pé and forró,  as well as Latin Rhythms, such as Zouk, Salsa, Bolero, Tango, and others like Soltinho (rock music). The main Jaime Aroxa school is located at R. Sao Clemente 45, in Botafogo and welcome foreigns. There are other the franchises that are located in Ipanema, Tijuca and Niteroi. Carlinhos de Jesus school is located at R. Alvaro Ramos 11, in Botafogo and offers almost the same kind of dance classes. Both are good with different styles.

Other Dances

The Forró, Brazilian Funk Music and Axé are also traditional dances in Brazil. There are several dance schools in Brazil that can teach all of these dances. One such school run by Renata Peçanha offers lessons in both traditional and modern Brazilian dance. This school is located in the Centro district in Rio on Rua dos Inválidos. Another dance studio located in the Centro district is Centro de Dança run by dance professional Alex de Carvalho. Visitors are welcome to visit these schools and sign up for lessons.


Couple dancing forro - Brazil