Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city for gays to visit

Rio de Janeiro is a wonderful city for gays to visit. The locals are very open and accepting of all walks of life. Gays, lesbians and transgender are all welcome to celebrate the Rio experience openly without fear of reprisal.

Gay beach options in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

The beaches of Rio are typical meeting point for all groups. Despite being well received in all the beaches, there are preferred areas for the gay community. In Ipanema, where Rua Farme de Amoedo finds the beach is the favorite. Copacabana also has a gay section, and it is located near the Copacabana Palace Hotel. Reserva Beach in Barra da Tijuca is a good area that is well known the rainbow flag sets up the beach for alternative visitors.

Top 5 Gay Bars in Rio de Janeiro

♦ Tô nem aí – R. Farme de Amoedo 57 – Ipanema – 2247-8403
♦ Rainbow Kiosk – Av. Atlântica, at Siqueira Campos – Copacabana Beach – Kiosk
♦ Maxim’s – Av. Atlântica 1850 – Copacabana – 2255-7444
♦ Buraco da Lacraia – Rua André Cavalcante 58 – Downtown – 2242-0446
♦ Up turn Bar – Av. das Américas 2000 – Barra da Tijuca – 3387-7957

Gay Neighborhoods

The gay district of Rio runs along the Rua Teixeira de Melo right next to Farme Gay Beach. Walk around between Galeria Café and Dama de Ferro for a bit of fun. Rua Farme do Amoedo is mixed but has a large gay population. Bofetada café and bar is one of the local favorites. This area is also more relaxed if you do not feel like dressing up.

Night Life

Gay Dance clubs are become quite popular in Rio. Huge parties hosted by DJ celebrities are now being featured at these clubs especially on the weekends. Le Boy is the tourist’s favorite gay nightclub; Located near Posto 6 in Copcabana, this club has a dance floor, outside bar and a gay bath. Drag shows, go-go boys and guest DJs are all featured during the week. La Girl is the club for lesbians but is not quite as large or loud. This club is very intimate but still just as fun. Other dance clubs in the area include Dama de Ferro, Fosfobox, Star Club and Zero Zero. Native’s favorite gay nightclub is The Week, located downtown, is considered the best structure in the city (of all nightclubs, gay or not). It has two floors that can hold 3000 people during the weekends. The pool located outdoors gives a tropical charm to the place. It is a place full of beautiful people, the place to see and be seen. The 00 nightclub, in Gavea Neighborhood, is one of the finest nightclubs and Sunday attracts especially the gay public.

Gay Pride Rio

Gay Pride is celebrated yearly in Rio de Janeiro. The centerpiece of the Gay Pride festival is the Gay Pride march. Parade festivities include not only the March but pre-parade shows put on by Drag Queens, DJs and other parade goers. Many families attend the parade showing their support to the cause. After the parade there are gay parties all over town.

Gay pride in Rio de Janeiro Brazil