Leme Beach – geared toward families

Leme Beach is a continuation of Copacabana beach. However, Leme beach is much more laid back and geared toward families. The view from the shore is quite spectacular, especially at sunset.

Fishers and Leme Beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

Leme is the beach closest to Sugar Loaf Mountain. From the beach visitors can watch the cable cars move up and down Sugar Loaf. Leme Rock is located at one end of Leme Beach. This is a favorite fishing spot where a platform has been built for fishermen.

The Fort

Forte Duque de Caxias (aka Forte do Leme) can be visited on weekends, holidays and from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30am to 4:30pm. Once a bastion of protection for the city, it is now a cultural center with wonderful views of the mountains and beaches. The fort has an area of environmental protection of the Atlantic Forest where the visitors can walk by finishing with the visit at the historical museum. From the top of the Fort you can admire: Copacabana Beach and the entrance of Guanabara Bay; city of Rio and Niteroi, Sugar Loaf Hill and it’s hidden side and the Christ Redeemer. For around R$ 4,00 a ticket (expect older than 65 years old and under 10 years old).

Surrounding Area

The beachfront is line with some of the most popular luxury hotels including Leme Othon Palace  and Acapulco. There are also some very good restaurants to suit all budgets. On the cheap side is Carretao that serves some of the best churrascaria. If you are looking for a romantic outing, La Fiorentina is the restaurant of choice. It has some of the best Italian food. For some of the best seafood try the buffet restaurant Marius Carnes or Marius Crustaceous.