Cinema in Rio de Janeiro

One of Rio’s major attractions is its nightlife and entertainment scene. Cariocas are always in the mood for some form of entertainment every night of the week. This marvelous city caters to every taste so if you want to spend a relatively quiet evening you can catch a movie at one of Rio’s favorite cinema halls, especially on a rainy day or while you are not sightseeing or lazing around on the beach.

Roxy Movie Theater in Rio de Janeiro

Dubbed Vs. Subtitled

If you don’t speak the local language then make sure the film is dubbed or subtitled. If a movie is advertised with the word ‘legendado’, the sound will be original with Portuguese subtitles. If it mentions the word ‘dublado’, this means the film is dubbed with no subtitles. It is always good to check at the entrance before you purchase tickets. This may surprise you but many US productions premiere in Rio before they move on to Europe.

What’s Showing, Where and When?

Cinemark, UCI and Severiano Ribeiro ( are the most popular movie theatre groups in Rio. You will find a comprehensive schedule in the local newspapers including O Globo. Alternatively, log on to their websites if you want a quick preview of what’s being screened. There are plenty of multiplex cinema halls at most major malls. Head straight for Cinelandia Square in downtown Rio, which is home to many traditional movie theaters. There are street movie theaters at the south end of Rio in places like Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema.

Rio’s Film Festivals

Rio has two major film festivals every year which includes the international Festival do Rio and the Banff Mountain Film Festival. The Rio Cine Odeaon at Praça Floriano 7, Cinelândia, is the main base for the festivals.

Rio has many independent cinemas scattered across the south end of the city. The locals are ardent cinema goers so there is always something interesting to watch whether it is mainstream or offbeat cinema that suits your fancy.
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